Meet The Team

Meet Our AP Team

It takes a lot of dedicated staff to run a specialised Alternative Provision! Let's meet the team involved...


Katie O'Brien - Head of Alternative ProvisionKate Image

As well as being the Head of Alternative Provision, Kate is also a Senior Manager and Therapist across the ADO business.

Kate has worked at ADO since 2013 and has gained a wealth of experience and skills. She started as a volunteer with the Events Team and has worked incredibly hard to develop her career and progress within the business, becoming a senior therapist along the way. Kate has overseen the development of our early years Preschool and now leads the team on the ground at the Alternative Provision.

She is a Bushcraft Practitioner and has an Animal Assisted Therapy Diploma, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma and Animal Management Diploma. With her knowledge and experience with therapy, Kate is able to advise and support all staff whilst working with children and young people with SEN, SEMH, challenging behaviour and EAL.

Kate is the AP Safeguarding Officer and is trained in Safe Holding, which is used to protect students from themselves and other students.

Kate's hobbies include being outdoors with nature, going to music concerts and caring and riding her own horse.



Victoria ImageVictoria McHolland-Pilcher - Managing Director & Proprietor

The ADO Education and Therapy teams are overseen by Victoria McHolland-Pilcher, our Managing Director. Victoria has over 15 years Project Management and Business Consultancy experience and qualifications working for large firms in London.

Victoria's life history includes a lifelong love of supporting youth and community programs and with a family heavily involved in youth and community, spent many summers supporting holiday schemes for deprived children and young people. Victoria has undertaken both the Forest School Leader Level 3 course and is also a Bushcraft Practitioner with several years' experience of implementing these programs within our existing childcare clubs.

Victoria is a Low Ropes Course Instructor, has completed Suicide Assist training and also holds qualifications in Animal Assisted Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and is a qualified Relaxation Therapist. With a therapy team on hand, we are in a strong position to support children and young people with SEND requirements where required.

Victoria's dream to open a forest school preschool came to fruition in February 2016. Since then, she has been more determined than ever to open an Alternative Provision with the hope of it developing to an Independent School.

 Victoria's hobbies include bushcraft, climbing, country walks, caring and riding her own horse Fuzzy Bear.


 Gary Image

Gary McHolland-Pilcher - Chief Operating Officer

Gary has over 20 years' experience working in the City and West End of London within Information Technology, Telecoms, Sales and Company Operations. He has gained a huge skillset within all of these areas and he utilises them daily at ADO. His knowledge and experience have helped grow ADO from a very small company into a thriving business, offering education and therapy to many individuals.

When Gary isn't busy in the main office, working away on policies, procedures, business development and accounts, he is out on the land at Poets Corner helping to develop the site.

Gary has a lot of large projects on the go at the moment and is constantly striving to progress the business, especially the Alternative Provision. He was recently nominated to take part in a series of workshops at the British Library, which gave access to some of the top consultants in London providing invaluable information which has helped move the company towards new horizons.

Gary enjoys most sports, playing the guitar, all types of horticulture and long country walks. 



Eloise Greenwood - Business & Exams Officer Eloise Image

Eloise has been with ADO since 2013 and has proved herself as a valuable member of the team. Eloise has shown versatility in her time with ADO and her skills have grown with the company. Eloise started out volunteering with community events and company photography. She moved in to the office to help with the ever increasing administration, whilst assisting with the running of after school clubs and holiday clubs.

In February 2016, ADO Mini Explorers Preschool opened and Eloise was there from Day 1. Eloise helped out in the preschool with a mix of administration and childcare until she decided to dedicate herself to undertaking a Level 2 qualification in Early Years Care and Education.

In March 2018, Eloise made the brave decision to return back to the office to help the company to grow further and develop the Alternative Provision. Eloise is now the Business and Exams Officer for ADO and shows true dedication and hard work to this demanding role.  She is the backbone of the office!

Eloise's hobbies include crafting, bushcraft and anything to do with birds!


Robert Image

Robert Jarvis - Outdoor Education Supervisor

Robert joined ADO in April 2019 and has already proved himself as a confident and enthusiastic team member.

Robert started his career in outdoor education in Wales in 2009. He has previously worked as an instructor in Wales Devon and Kent, has been an instructor on the roof of the London o2 and has worked as an abseil instructor off The Orbit in Stratford. Robert most recently worked at the Prince’s Trust as a Development Instructor, taking young people out on different outdoor activities.

Robert has qualifications in Rock Climbing, Paddle Sport, Mountain Biking and he is a High Rope Instructor and a qualified Mountain Leader! Robert is qualified in Bushcraft First Aid, which covers more specialist first aid requirements.

In his spare time, when Robert isn’t climbing half way up a mountain, he enjoys being outside on either his bike or in a boat. He definitely loves being outdoors and enjoying the fresh air!



Joe Greenwood - Land Support Supervisor Joe Image

The Alternative Provision, Office and Preschool sites and grounds are maintained and up kept by Joe, who has a Level 2 in Horticulture. Joe works hard to ensure all of the outdoor areas at ADO are of a high standard and he has built many of the features at the AP site, such as the mud kitchen and music wall. He has also built a play house at the preschool site and a crow's nest around the base of a tree.

Joe used to run the Gardening After-School Club at the preschool as well as running school education visits and mobile therapy outreach services. As the team have grown and Joe's role has developed, he can now focus on the ADO lands and maintenance and continue to develop all of our sites.

Joe is also trained in Chainsaw Maintenance & Cross Cutting and is the Fire Warden for the AP Site.

In Joe's spare time, he enjoys woodwork, playing football and playing the ukulele.



Megan ImageMegan Wherry - Outdoor Teaching Instructor

Megan started at ADO in April 2019. Before this, she had 5 years' experience working at the Arethusa Venture Centre, which offered children and young people the chance to get outdoors and experience new activities and be active.

Megan is qualified in Archery and will be using this skillset to run archery sessions with the AP students. She is also training to become a Level 3 in Forest School, which is really exciting!

As a fitness fanatic, Megan will be fully involved within the sport lessons. Megan has participated in triathlons, crossfit etc and loves being energetic outdoors. She enjoys working outdoors in all weathers - a bit of rain is not going to stop her!

Megan loves animals and she enjoys watching the meerkats cheekily run around and seeing the horses munch their hay.  Megan enjoys helping others and supporting individuals to develop their own knowledge and skills.

Archery, running and spending time with animals are some of Megan's hobbies.



Ronnie Mitchell - Outdoor Educator Ronnie Image

With a wealth of experience in youth work, Ronnie was involved with the company since 2017. Prior to working for ADO, Ronnie worked for Bromley Youth Service and the Prince's Trust, where he worked with young people aged 16-17 years old. Ronnie was a team leader at both locations and enjoyed working with the young people.

Ronnie has an NVQ Level 3 in Youth Work and has been an Educational Visit Trip Leader, a Basketball Coach, Resilience Body Training, Amateur Rowing Instructor and so much more!

When Ronnie joined ADO, he was involved in the preschool with the Mini Explorers. His confidence and playful nature shone through and he was often found playing his 'stick guitar' and singing songs with the 2-5 year olds.

Ronnie loves seeing the transition of young people and being able to work at the alternative provision within nature and the beautiful surroundings.

Ronnie's hobbies include listening to music, watching cooking programmes and collecting coins.



Sara ImageSara Buckley - Teaching Assistant & Therapist

Sara started bringing her son to our after school clubs in 2014. She loved our ethos and the benefits of children being outdoors and interacting with animals, nature and wildlife. Sara started getting more involved with ADO and was offered a role in 2015. Sara made the huge decision to take the leap from working as a hair salon manager for over a decade, to come and work for ADO, in a completely different job role!  Sara started at ADO as an Event Leader for animal encounters and therapy events.

Since starting with ADO, Sara has evolved with the company and is now a full time staff member at our Alternative Provision. Sara has obtained her qualification in Animal Assisted Therapy and is currently finishing off an apprenticeship as a Teaching Assistant L2. Once Sara has achieved TA L2, she will move on to studying Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), which will help to support our AP students and our therapy clients.

When Sara doesn't have her head in the books studying, she enjoys camping, dancing and bushcraft. Sara has a passion for crafts and is extremely resourceful! She is always willing to learn new skills and has recently been developing her skills with willow weaving!



Emma Bronsdon - Outdoor Leader Emma Image

Emma joined our team in October 2018 as a Sports Educator Apprentice. This was a big step for Emma as it meant leaving sixth form, but allowed her to start the exciting journey of a career in outdoor education!

Emma completed a silver Duke of Edinburgh, worked part time in an SEN school and has always enjoyed camping. This experience and passion helped lead Emma to the decision to join ADO.

Emma has shown an abundance of dedication and passion during her apprenticeship. She dove head first in to the role and quickly became a paediatric first aider and a Bushcraft Practitioner. In January 2019, Emma also won a Jack Petchey aware through ADO, as an acknowledgement for her hard work as a young leader.

Emma loves working with the animals and seeing the positive impact they have on the children and young people. Emma revels in being outside all day, especially in the woodland and she enjoys being part of the student's journey with us.

Emma's hobbies include spending time with her dog, exploring outside and practicing her bushcraft skills.



Hannah ImageHannah Burlace - Teaching Assistant & Therapist

Hannah joined ADO in 2018 after travelling parts of the world. Hannah visited Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia, where gained experience in agricultural/farm work. This sparked Hannah's passion to return to England and look for work in an outdoor setting, either working with people or animals. Hannah came across ADO and it was the perfect mix of both!

Hannah started ADO as a volunteer with our mobile outreach therapy sessions and general animal care. Hannah's determination to complete her courses and progress as a therapist was sparked by the idea of working with clients through the positive benefits of animal therapy. As our business has evolved, Hannah is now able to dedicate more of her working time with the Alternative Provision students, individual therapy clients and also assists at the preschool in a lunchtime role and storytelling with the 2-5 year olds.

Hannah has an A-Level in Psychology and a degree in Illustration. Whilst with ADO, Hannah has completed her Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship and is studying to gain her CBT and AAT qualifications.

Hannah loves being outdoors, especially in autumn and she finds inspiration from nature for art projects. She brings this inspiration to our Alternative Provision, therapy clients and the preschool as she works across all three areas.

Some of Hannah's hobbies include art, camping cooking and travelling.



Charlotte Fenna - Animal Science Educator Charlotte Image

Charlotte started with ADO in 2018 as an animal care volunteer, offering her wide ranging  skillset to assist with the animals on a daily basis. Charlotte's passion and dedication led her to becoming a contracted member of the team in 2019.

Before joining ADO, Charlotte worked part time at a veterinary practice as a kennel staff member. She then started volunteering at Second Chance Animal Rescue centre, where she became the Head of Exotics, Supervisor of Rescue and helped to run the exotic mammal experiences with the public.

Charlotte has since completed her Level 3 Animal Management BTEC extended diploma. Charlotte runs Animal Care lessons with the primary and secondary students and ensures the animals' welfare throughout the day. Charlotte enjoys working with the animals and being outdoors as she finds it very calming.

Charlotte also does a high element of our Exotics and Invertebrate Animal Care.

In her spare time, Charlotte enjoys continuing to volunteer with Second Chance and she also enjoys reading, watching films and seeing musicals.



Chrissy ImageChristine Harrison - Head Food Grower

Christina (Chrissy) has been with ADO since 2013 and has been based at Poets Corner, long before it was developed in to our Alternative Provision! Chrissy is the head Food Grower on site. The food growing area features beds and poly tunnels , when she and her dedicated volunteer team grow food.

Chrissy uses certified organic soil in the salad farm growing area and our Alternative Provision students and Preschool children all benefit from delicious fresh salads and vegetables.

Chrissy runs Horticulture Studies with the Primary and Secondary children on a weekly basis. She also oversees and supports the students tending to their own herb patch areas. This promotes independence, responsibility and helps teach the students about growth and development. In addition to this, the horticulture lessons with Chrissy also promote mindfulness and self-care.

Having such fresh and delicious fresh foods available and helping to grow them helps us to promote healthy eating and well-being.

Chrissy loves being outdoors in all weathers, tending to the salad beds! When she is not working her green fingers, Christine enjoys travelling and was particularly fond of India and Costa Rica.



Jarvis & Velvet - Therapy Dogs Dogs Image

Jarvis was adopted by ADO in 2012 after he was rescued from Ireland. He was given a very loving home and enjoyed days at the office as well, where the team all made a big fuss of him! Jarvis has many fans and he was so in demand, we couldn't keep up with his bookings! It was decided in 2014 that Jarvis was going to get a companion, so they could work together and play with each other whilst not in sessions. Along came Velvet, who was rescued from Belvedere in 2015! After a bit of hesitation, Jarvis & Velvet were soon bounding around the field playing together and they have been inseparable ever since! Velvet was welcomed in to the team with open arms and was soon a very big hit with everyone as well!

Jarvis and Velvet spend the majority of their days together at the Alternative Provision. They go on dog walks with the students and are partial to grooming and tummy rubs! Jarvis & Velvet assist in some therapy sessions and occasionally visit the preschool. They have also completed phobia work with individuals who have approached us having dog phobias and wanted to combat these. Velvet is also known for her skillset in dog agility, as part of our Jack Petchey award scheme one of your young people dedicated his fund pot to buying her an agility set. Velvet loves putting on a show (as long as she gets a treat)!

Jarvis and Velvet are both a huge part of the team and are loved by all the team, students and clients! In their spare time, they enjoy long walks in the countryside, playing with their toys together and having cuddles (Jarvis also enjoys chasing flies).

Image shows Bella (our guest therapy dog), Velvet and Jarvis.



ADO Animals

Our much loved animals form a vital part of our team! Part of the students' days with us includes animal care for the mammals at our Alternative Provision site. We also have reptiles and invertebrates which make a guest appearance!

We have a Horse, Ponies, Pygmy Goats, Pigs, Meerkats, a Raccoon Dog, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Rats, Chinchillas, Ferrets, Leopard Tortoises, Terrapins, Royal Pythons, Corn Snakes, Bearded Dragons, Berber Skinks, Boa Constrictor, Albino Burmese Python, Coastal Carpet Python, Leopard Gecko, Crested Geckos, Green Iguana, Tarantulas, Scorpions, Stick Insects, Giant African Millipedes, Giant African Snails, Cockroaches, African Bullfrog and Saddled Beetles.


ADO Brands & Services - Part of Animal Days Out CIC


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