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Supporting the Community

We have been providing the scouts and guides movement across London and the South-East with interactive animal encounters for over seven years now. We have visited over 400 troop groups and entertained thousands of scouts and guides. Our one hour encounters slot nicely in between the parambulations at the beginning or at the end of the afternoon and evening sessions and provide a welcome break for leaders to sit back and let us do the work for the session. We adapt our presentation across all ages, whether it's Beaver's, Cubs, or right up to Explorer's, or from Rainbow's, through Brownies to Guides. We recognise the importance of the Scouts and Guides movement within the community and have also supported many of their fund raising initiatives, fun days, regional meetings and leader conferences.

Essential Information

♦ Our Standard Animal Encounter Session Lasts For 1 Hour

♦ We Can Offer a Double Session With Two Consecutive Troops for 2 Hours

♦ For Fun Days, Leadership Meetings or Outside Scouts or Guides Park Events, We Can Offer 3 Hours

♦ We Will Select At Least 10 Animals To Bring To A Meeting

♦ We Provide Two Members of Staff, So Your Troops Are Never Waiting Too Long To Get Interactive

Finer Details


We cover London and the South-East. If you live outside of these areas, please contact us to find out whether we can cover your location.

Fun and Educational

Our encounters are both fun and educational for your troops. We can bring a selection of animals that can tick your boxes for badge awards. Why go to Pets at Home, when we can bring a whole host of animals to cover off your badge criteria for pet care for example.

Not Just the Animals!

We now also offer horticulture - gardening activities, bushcraft and low ropes within our services to the scouts and guides on our site at Poets Corner. We have some great bushcraft challenges for your troops and all the facilities on site.

Our Assurances

Beware of cheap imitations! We know within our area there are no other companies providing animal encounters that can not guarantee the safety of the public and the welfare of the animals like us. So when choosing between ADO and someone who has a few private pets, consider whether they can offer the following assurances.

♦ Fully licensed by the London Borough of Bexley for Animal Handling

♦ Approved by the City of London Vets for Animal Welfare

♦ Public Liability of £5 million for Animal Handling

♦ Public Liability of £2 million for After School Activities with Children

♦ Transportation of Animals Licence with DEFRA (Dept for Environment/Food/Rural & Affairs)

♦ Risk Assessments Provided on Request

♦ Health and Safety Policy

♦ Safeguarding and other policies in sensitive areas catered for

If you are looking for a unique interactive experience for your troops with the professionals, then look no further than ADO and book us in for a session they will go home talking about.

Attendees and Format

We can provide animal encounters for most troops up to 30 children (Not including leaders). We use a formal method where we reveal one animal at a time, before allowing petting or handling.


We have regularly entertained children from Beavers to Explorers or from Rainbows to Guides. Age does not matter, we will present to the children and adjust to the age group accordingly.

Pricing and Options


All pricing includes travel within a radius of 5 miles from our animal base. For locations and venues over 5 miles of our animal centres, there will be a travelling surcharge added to the price. We will not visit any areas North of the River Thames crossing.Our animal centre is based in DA16. There are no hidden costs for our encounters and the prices are below:


Scouts & Guides Encounter Services

Up To 30 
Attendees Maximum -
At Least 10 Animals

1 Hour Package - Scouts & Guides


2 Hour Package - Scouts & Guides


 3 Hour Package - Scouts & Guides


1 Hour - Scouts & Guides - Visit ADO


 Travel Charges if Applicable 


 Travel Under 5 Mile Radius of DA16 to Your Location **

No Charge - Inclusive

Travel Over 5 Mile Radius of DA16 to Your Location 


** Except North of River Thames Crossings - Dartford Toll and Blackwall Tunnel

All Pricing Includes VAT

Prices valid until September 2018.

All Terms and Conditions apply. Terms and conditions will be sent with your Booking Form.

ADO Encounters are wholly run by Animal Days Out C.I.C., a Not For Profit Community Interest Company

Part and Parcel of the Community..